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Caligare Flow Inspector - Free Edition

What is included in the free version?

 - Support for NetFlow version 1,5,6,7 and 9.
 - All available statistics - i.e. Top talkers, Applications, Interfaces.
 - Low-level data traffic search.
 - Interface utilization.
 - Utilization maps.
 - User and group management.
 - Definition of own applications.
 - Filtering and forwarding.
 - Local, LDAP or external user authentication.
 - 24 hours history.
 - 250 flows/sec at maximum.
 - 2 monitored devices at maximum
 - Only for non-commercial use.

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Figure: Caligare Flow Inspector - FREE Edition
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Consider upgrading to Caligare Flow Inspector Professional edition (1-9 devices) or Enterprise edition (unlimited devices) to add the following features:

 - unlimited or 1-9 monitored devices.
 - Long-term historical trends, not only last 24 hours.
 - Network anomalies detection.
 - Parsing NetFlow traffic without limits.
 - You can use it in the commercial organization.

One year technical support on the FREE version can be online purchased.

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