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Caligare Netflow Software Support

Our knowledge and practical experience helps ensure that your institution has the technical infrastructure and organizational capacity to support your ongoing implementation of CFI netflow accounting software. Caligare offers following services support to successfully implement and maintain CFI software.

Support request submission:
  1. A new knowledge base web interface (temporaly unavailable).
  2. An email technical support address
Please, visit TROUBLESHOOTING QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS before requesting support.

Standard Support includes:
  • Updates and releases of the supported software that Caligare makes generally available to its licensees (
  • Reasonable efforts to initially respond to all support requests submitted via an approved means.
Extended Support includes:
  • Upgrades, updates and releases of the supported software that Caligare makes generally available to its licensees ( Upgrades shall be available from the Purchase Date and shall continue for one year.
  • Higher priority for your support requests.

Different support issues take differing amounts of time to resolve, complex server level problems that require liaison with several individuals at an institution and consultation with Caligare. Development may take a substantial amount of time to resolve.

However if you have any questions or problems relating to the use of Caligare products, first check the FAQ list and/or KNOWLEDGE BASE (temporaly unavailable) on this page If no advice regarding your particular problem is available there then please send an e-mail to or send fax to +1 954-596-1650 with description of your problem. Answers to the most common questions will be posted in the knowledge base on the support page.

Please include the following information: Computer Model, CPU, Memory Available, Operating System Version and distribution, Product License Number and a detailed description of the problem. If the problem is confirmed we will do our best to fix it and post an update on the web page for Caligare users to download.

Caligare shall deliver software electronically (download from Caligare web page).

30-day Money Back Guarantee
Caligare includes an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. If the software is faulty the end user can demand, according to choice, replacement of the program or cancellation of the sales license agreement. No right to the removal of the defects exists. The end user must inform the supplier of any obvious defect in writing within thirty days (30 calendar days) of delivery. If this deadline is missed guarantee rights due to the defect concerned are excluded.

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