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About Caligare company

Caligare s.r.o is a privately held company founded in 2004 in Prague, Czech Republic. The company is dedicated to developing a suite of network software products that will be useful to midsize and large businesses, entrepreneurs and business professionals. In 2004 Caligare s.r.o. came up with new and innovative product - Caligare Flow Inspector, a Linux based network software product that serve as a netflow monitoring and analyzing software solution. NetFlow Inspector package is efficient way of network monitoring and protecting of private networks. Caligare Flow Inspector analyze Cisco NetFlow Data Exports sent by routers. NetFlow provides nearly real time traffic monitoring, smart flow filtration, aggregation and statistic evaluation.

Caligare is the developer of the internationally recognized network software solutions and is a rapidly emerging leader in the network application software market. Caligare provides organizations with extensive network planning, reporting, and analysis capabilities enabling them to conduct business network critical activities ranging from real-time network analysis and consolidation to risk management and long-term network planning.

Although Caligare is a new company, we have extensive experience in our field and are committed to delivering state of art network monitoring solutions at affordable prices without compromising excellence and customer service. You can trust us to serve your netflow monitoring and management needs today, and in the future. We are totally committed to customer satisfaction. Our high standards of work and competitive rates are already setting us apart from our competitors.

Caligare netflow software efficiently provides the metering base for a key set of applications including network traffic analyzing and application monitoring. NetFlow analyzer represent ideal transparent and security network management software. If you want to use netflow monitoring software in your environment try our Caligare Flow Inspector software!

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