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Cisco Technology Developer Partner

Cisco Technology Developer Partner Logo Caligare is certified Cisco Technology Developer Partner for IOS solutions set.

The Cisco Technology Developer Program brings together hardware and software application developers and vendors of complementary network enabling technologies to offer interoperable products, solutions, and services that provide tangible benefits to customers.

Membership in this program is offered only to companies who exhibit market leadership and utilize Cisco's industry-leading technology while sharing in Cisco's commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

Cisco Compatible Logo Caligare Flow Inspector software has met all the requirements to be included in the Cisco Program. These requirements include submitting an application for a project and Cisco approval of the project, passing interoperability testing, and providing Cisco adequate support training, and submitting required marketing materials.

The Caligare Flow Inspector software is distributed with a "Cisco Compatible" logo. The Cisco Systems Compatible logo provides an opportunity to communicate to customers that a Partner's product has obtained Tested Interoperable Product. The Cisco Systems partnership ensures high quality and standards on all of our products and services.

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