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Caligare is proud to offer its customers Caligare Flow Inspector (CFI) - Cisco NetFlow monitoring software. CFI analyze Cisco NetFlow Data Exports (NDE) sent by router or switch.

NetFlow provides nearly real time traffic monitoring, smart flow filtration, aggregation and statistic evaluation, using source/destination IP addresses, protocols, etc. Web interface provides easy configuration of all components including NetFlow collectors, devices, units etc. The NetFlow analyzer should be able to deal with suspicious network activities (security attacks, routing troubles etc).

That is why Caligare has come up with a unique network solution for medium to large companies, who need to plan, build, manage and troubleshoot their networks.

- Caligare Flow Inspector 4.2.6 was released.
- Caligare Flow Inspector 4.2.4 was released.
- Caligare Flow Inspector 4.1.4 was released.
- Caligare has a new slogan: makes the network better.
- Czech national bank selects Caligare for Security, Network Visibility & Traffic Analysis.
- LAM-BULL selects Caligare for security analytics with access to their customers.
- Caligare join with INVEA-TECH to lunch a hardware based netflow analyzing solution. See full story.
- A new web page design.
- Network traffic analysis
- Search and locate network problem
- Network anomalies detection
- Find out top talkers
- Fix the critical applications
- Solutions for ISP
- NetFlow articles
- NetFlow developers portal (RFC, ...)
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