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Partner Programs

Caligare partner program supports the following classes of partners.


Resellers drive the sales process in their territory, which leads to product sales of Caligare solutions. License revenue is the primary revenue driver for resellers and they work towards mutually agreed-upon sales objectives.

System Integrator (SI)

System Integrators provide network services, consulting, and custom application programs integrated with Caligare products. System Integrators may resell Caligare software solutions, but services are the primary revenue driver.

System Integrators are integral to Caligare's success. Your customers seek your guidance before making major software purchases and Caligare ensures that our resources are aligned to support you when you make an Caligare product recommendation.

Alliance Partner

Alliance partner and Caligare leverage each other's technology, marketing, or sales channel. This program includes certification, inter-operability, revenue sharing, equity participation, and sales channel leveraging among other possibilities. List of Alliance partners.

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