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Caligare Flow Inspector - NetFlow Monitor and Analyzer

Caligare is proud to offer its customers Caligare Flow Inspector (CFI) software. Because Caligare Flow Inspector uses NetFlow Data Exports on your existing routers, you never have to deploy or maintain probes.

Caligare Flow Inspector has the added ability of real time network analysis, netflow monitoring, user data tracking, in which you can find and locate data transmitted over the monitored device.

User-friendly 100% web-based management interface provides easy configuration of all components including netflow collectors, network devices, application groups, network anomaly detection etc.

Netflow analyzer helps you find suspicious network activities and gives you adequate time to respond, depending on how serious the danger is (see Network Anomalies section).

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Netflow analyzer represent ideal security network management software. The network IT staff can then immediately prepare a response, to repair the situation, and thus reducing the risk of losing data or network. This is nearly impossible without sophisticated network management software like Caligare Flow Inspector.

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Why use a NetFlow monitoring software?

Caligare Flow Inspector helps you:
  • Inform you about weaknesses, data bottlenecks, security attacks and routing troubles in your network.
  • Quickly see what is happen in your network.
  • view interesting traffic and show various network statistics (top hosts, protocols, applications, conversations).
  • Realize which applications are being used and by who.
  • Locate various network attacks (denial-of-service attacks, infected by worm stations etc).
  • Get all network information through a simple and intuitive format.
  • Analyze your network without hardware probes.
  • Achieve this goal without expensive investments.

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