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System Requirements

Operating system
linux Caligare Flow Inspector works under the all distributions of Linux (Debian, RedHat, Suse, Slackware, etc.). Currently Caligare's software is not developed for the Windows operating platform. The Linux environment under which NetFlow software runs is considerable more stable and efficient, increasing the performance of the software. For more information click on linux advantages link.

Hardware specifications
It is very difficult to recommend optimal configuration, because good server performance depends on the amount of incoming netflow exports. Generally, there is an advantage in having adequate RAM memory and fast access to disc(s), however we can help you determine your needs depending on your specifics. The specification of your Caligare Flow Inspector system depends on the number of routers sending netflow exports to the monitor, as well as the level of actual router traffic. These are the optimal requirements needed for the system to run.

Minimum hardware requirements:
2.8 GHz. Pentium IV
1 GB MB RAM, DDR 333 or 400 MHz
80 GB HDD with ultra ATA or in better choice SCSI disk
video card and fast ethernet LAN built in

These specifications will increase based on number of devices monitored. The highest computing performance is put on the database system. Computing requirements for the other components are lower than for the database system.

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