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Caligare Join With INVEA-TECH To Lunch A Hardware Based Probe With NetFlow Analyzer

Caligare join with INVEA-TECH to lunch a hardware based netflow analyzing solution. The goal of the new partnership is to improve network monitoring, reduce overall troubleshooting cost and knowledge sharing. The unique solutions FlowMon and Caligare Flow Inspector give answers what happened on 10 Gigabit Ethernet line in history.

INVEA-TECH will make Caligare Flow Inspector available on the FlowMon devices from FlowMon 1000 to FlowMon 10000 Pro product lines. FlowMon network probe will now be able to take advantage of the powerful Caligare Flow Inspector environment to deploy across a wide range of network lines. Our customers have a solution for long-term data analyzing, capacity planning and network anomalies detection.

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