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Caligare Flow Inspector Version 4 Was Released

Caligare Flow Inspector 4 was released - Linux based software for network monitoring and NetFlow analysis.

Prague, Czech Republic, November 14 2006 -- Caligare Flow Inspector 4 was released - the latest version with new features the main one is called network anomalies detection. Network anomalies detection (NA) uses netflow exports to identify worm and abnormal network activities detection, and deeper network analysis.

Because NetFlow exports is coming directly from the router, a core element of any large network, NetFlow is capable of providing a unique view on the entire traffic of a network at the infrastructure level. It is also proactive detection of network infrastructure security events. Packet sniffer is more a troubleshooting tool than a specific tool for constant netflow monitoring. Packet sniffer allows you to capture every packet and store it on your hard disk.

Caligare Flow Inspector version 4 supports base network anomaly detection such as network and host port scanning, ICMP and TCP/SYN flooding detections, and detection of network games and peer-2-peer applications. Most of the modules use heuristic detection methods - for every anomaly there is a specified probability of incident. If analyzed properly, NetFlow records will be very suitable for early worm and other abnormal (suspicious) network activity detection in large enterprise networks and service providers.

for more detail about Caligare Flow Inspector software version 4 see the following URL:

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