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New features in the Caligare Flow Inspector - version 4.0
Our clients can look forward to many new innovations in the next CFI version (4.0). It's well worth the price to pay for the extended license!!!

CFI software - Linux based software for network monitoring and netflow analysis - will have its next version with new features the main one is called Intrusion Detection System (IDS). IDS is used for worm and abnormal network activities detection, and deeper network analysis. About NetFlow: A network flow is a sequence of packets between a given source and destination in one direction only. Routers store and export information about the network flows they handle for network management purposes; high-end routers and switches use network flows to accelerate security processing.

Because dataflow is coming directly from the router, a core element of any large network, NetFlow is capable of providing a unique view on the entire traffic of a network at the infrastructure level. It is also proactive detection of network infrastructure security events. NetFlow technology efficiently provides the metering base for a key set of applications including network traffic accounting, usage-based network billing, network planning, network monitoring, outbound marketing, and data mining capabilities for both service provider and enterprise customers.

Netflow is now a built-in feature for most Cisco routers as well as Juniper, Extreme and some other vendor's routers and switches. Because of the fact, that enterprise networks are facing ever- increasing security threats from worms, port scans, DDoS, and network misuse, effective monitoring approaches and ability to quickly detect these activities are greatly needed. Intrusion detection systems (IDS) is the most common way to detect these activities. This makes NetFlow very useful in zero-day or "mutant attack" detection.

If analyzed properly, NetFlow records will be very suitable for early worm and other abnormal (suspicious) network activity detection in large enterprise networks and service providers.

Security detection on large network infrastructure is very important not only for large enterprise. But with NetFlow you may attain further insight into the traffic crossing your entire network -- and make it run better and make your network and data safer.

Although there are both windows based commercial solutions and open source based solutions for flow file analysis, it is commonly preferred the open source based solution.

For instructions on how to enable NetFlow on a specific router, please check the corresponding manufacture's website. Some example NetFlow configurations for popular Cisco and Juniper routers can be found in our software manual.

Caligare Flow Inspector version 4.0 will be available on 1Q/2006.

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