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New features in the Caligare Flow Inspector - version 3.2.0

Caligare started working on a several new features for the Caligare Flow Inspector software - CFI 3.2.0. The new version will include the following new features: Interface Statistics and Traffic Matrix.

Interface Statistics
This is a new option in the "Data" category. If you choose "Interface Statistics" option, you can view a list of all interfaces for each of the collectors that have an allocated device. If you choose an Interface(s) from the previously created list, then you can monitor the input and output traffic going through the selected interface(s). The results of which can be viewed in a graph. You can also view, which networks are being utilized by this interface.

Traffic Matrix
Likewise in "Trend Statistics" the "Traffic Matrix" option can define different "Subjects" and "Search conditions", every subject has it's own row, and condition in their own column. "Traffic Matrix" option shows you statistic for each of the participating subject found in the search. You can see who has communicated with who and what traffic was generated by those subjects.

In the "Traffic Matrix" you can define conditions for each row and column. This feature is useful mainly for ISP companies (Accounting/Billing) as well as for planning and analysis of your network capacity and future changes.

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